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Dixie Creech

 What Our Students Say....

Dixie Creech
Thorn Hill Education Center was my saving grace when the career I had been in for years came to an end. I quickly realized that I would need to go back to school in order to move forward in my life; in order to do so, I needed my GED.

The staff at Thorn Hill was unbelievable and stopped at nothing to make sure I had all the tools at my disposal to pass my exam. From workbooks, to homework to a tutor, and very flexible hours I was able to complete and pass my exam in very little time.

I enrolled in BCTC and will be graduating next May with an associate’s in applied science in certified medical assistant degree. Then I will go for my BSN in nursing. I am holding my own with a 3.675 GPA.I work full time at the University of Kentucky Hospital as a nurse care tech in the neuroscience department. One of the hospital benefits is that 6 credit hours are funded every semester. Between all that and family life, I have no time, but I love it!

What Our Students Say...

Stephanie Cariss
Thorn Hill Education Center has helped me take a hold on my future. I am a mother of four children and a high school dropout. I have such a busy time schedule. I thought it was going to be impossible to ever get my GED.
I went to my community college only to find out that they couldn’t work around my schedule as much as I needed. So, I decided to register for the GED on my own time and money. I didn’t understand a lot of the problems and had to repay to retest.
When I came to Thorn Hill to retest, they talked to me and wanted to help me. They said they could work with my schedule and even help pay for my GED, and sent me home with homework. I didn’t believe them. I thought to myself, “This is too good to be true.” But I tried it. They’ve helped work around my schedule, and my schedule is crazy. I am enrolled in EMT school three days a week as well as doing the required truck and hospital clinicals. I had three months to obtain my GED with this EMT course.
I didn’t know how it was all going to work out, but it did. I’m so thankful to have enrolled with them. They make promises and they keep them. They care about our future, our home life and our struggles. So far they are the only education center I felt wanted me to succeed, and they proved it to me also. Thank you Thorn Hill for your time, care, and hard work.

Stephanie Cariss

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