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FREE Services and Courses offered in:

  • GED® Preparation & Testing
  • FLIP Program
  • College Preparation/ACT Prep
  • College Readiness Courses — Refresh skills in math or language arts
  • English as a Second Language (ESL)
  • Job Ready Course (Prepare Resume, Cover Letter, Online Job Application, Interview Skills)
  • National Career Readiness Certificate
  • Kentucky Workforce Essentials Skills Certificate

GED Classes Available.  We feature small class sizes and one-on-one opportunities for learners.  We customize a plan for every individual.  Work full time?  No problem, we offer night classes and Saturday school.  We want you to succeed.

English as a second Language/Civics classes are available for free at Thorn Hill.  Night classes are conducted every Tuesday and Thursday nights.  All individuals are welcome to attend classes.



Let us help you transition to college.  We can help the process.  Financial aid information, ACT and SAT preparation, listing of colleges, computers to use, etc.